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These days we live in a world where huge amounts of information are constantly bombarding us, and we have a limited amount of time to read, process, and understand it. We're dealing with info-overdose.

Using this tool, you can take advantage of your time by assimilating a larger amount of information with much less effort, achieve faster reading speed and comprehension, widen your field of vision, improve concentration and memorization, and fix bad habits like losing your focus or back-skipping.

Thanks to Best Reader, you can practice your reading by reading any text at 10,000 characters per minute. At first, you can adapt the speed according to your needs and the system will evaluate your level based on these results. All of the reading exercises are viewed as real texts printed on paper, making it easy to develop correct reading habits.

Best Reader has an intuitive interface that is accessible for any user and accompanied by an 'Assistant' that will guide and advise you throughout your studying process.

This software comes equipped with test texts by authors like Franz Kafka and Agatha Christie to help you practice your speed reading.

Trial version limits reading speed to 2,000 characters per minute.

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